Tracing Our Roots: A Journey of Hope and Resilience in Empowering Homeless Women and Children.

History & Purpose

The Story of Casa Esperanza Transitional Home for Women & Children

In 2014, several Bakersfield women entertained the possibility of establishing a home for women transitioning from homelessness to economic stability and permanent housing. They did so recognizing that the population of homeless women is the largest growing segment of our society.

After several visits to Alexandria House, a highly successful transitional home in Los Angeles, efforts went forward to establish Casa Esperanza Transitional Home for Women, modeling its program after that of Alexandria House. Casa Esperanza Transitional Home for Women was Incorporated in December 2014, and is a 501(c)3 tax exempt public benefit corporation.

With five founding members, efforts were made to identify individuals who, together, would become a robust Board of Directors capable of “standing in the future-fulfilled” and committed to moving that vision forward into reality. Casa Esperanza is blessed with a Board whose members exemplify that same vision, passion and commitment.

Casa Esperanza is in the process of raising funds not only for the purchase of a suitable dwelling for prospective residents, but also to establish an endowment in order to ensure its ongoing mission.

In every aspect of its operation, Casa Esperanza will honor the inherent dignity and personal worth of the home’s resident women and children. A positive self-image and sense of worth are operative factors toward one’s success in dealing with adversity, hence, the physical dwelling itself will reflect the dignity of its residents.

Innovative and holistic in nature, the program at Casa Esperanza will enable in residents an awareness of their own abilities, and assist them in acquiring the relational and job skills necessary for employment with a sustainable wage and accompanying benefits, all of which contributes highly to a healthy self-concept as a person of dignity and individual worth.

Casa Esperanza is out to make inter-generational impact, breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Bakersfield, one family at a time. While the immediate need and focus of Casa Esperanza’s efforts is on homeless women, it is lives of their children that will become the living legacy of the transformative and sustainable impact made by Casa Esperanza.

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