Nurturing Hope and Fostering Independence, Our Mission Empowers Homeless Women and Children Toward a Brighter Future.

Mission & Purpose


To provide homeless women and children in the Bakersfield area with an innovative and holistic program in a sustainable model that supports their transition to permanent housing and stable employment.

Our purpose is to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty one family at a time.

  • We are out to make inter-generational change; the children will have different futures available to them
  • We are first and foremost a “home”, not a shelter, not a substance abuse recovery facility.
  • We have no religious affiliation.
  • We are a place where women and their children can pick up the pieces, heal, and begin anew
  • We help women get the toolkit they need to reintegrate into the job market and to live sustainably in permanent housing
  • We are modeled after Alexandria House in L.A., which has a 22-year track record of successfully transitioning women from homelessness to independence
  • We couple rights with responsibilities; and true hand-up versus a hand-out
  • The women will receive counseling, integrated case management, job training, personal financial coaching, childcare when at work, and take their turn cooking and cleaning
  • The women will contribute a small portion of their income to the household budget, and save between 30% and 60% for when they transition into permanent housing
  • We are a sustainable alternative to the government sponsored housing-first model
  • With the permanent endowment in place, we will be sustainable over decades; the endowment is a one-and-forever investment
  • Over a 20-year period, one home will avoid over $60 Million in social cost, or over $25 Million in today’s dollars, a compounded return of over 14% per year
  • We are seeking to partner with social investors who want to create a legacy of empowerment and responsibility in Bakersfield
  • We will collaborate with and be complementary to other, existing programs
  • We will take referrals from agencies and other homeless service providers, the courts and clergy.
  • We will select candidates based upon both commitment and need.

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